Young Kenyan's visit Dundee: Get virtual & sing thanks

Wednesday 20th September 2017
Claire Reid: Teacher and Charities and Community Outreach Coordinator

Twenty-two Kenyan orphans get a taste of life at University and take to the stage as they continue their singing tour of the UK at the University of Dundee."Singing Children of Africa" are organised by Scottish charity "Educate the Kids," and first began touring UK as an act in 2006. They will be given a taste of University life in Scotland Thursday, 21st September, guided by researchers around the Dundee campus . During the tour the children aged from 9 to 14 years old, will delve into virtual reality and experience a range of interactive experiments held at Schools of Engineering and Life Sciences. The day finishes with a party by students eager to meet them at DUSA (Dundee University Students’ Association).

Sofia Skevofylaka, Vice President of Student Activities at DUSA, said, “We cannot wait to host the children with us. We have worked with our Educate the Kids society here on campus to make sure they will feel at home in Dundee. We are so excited to show them how University students live and learn and we cannot wait to hear them sing on Saturday night.”

As part of their visit to Dundee the children will also perform at the University’s Chaplaincy Centre on Saturday, 23rd September. They will also visit Dundee High School, where they will perform at a Junior Years assembly on Friday morning and a public concert on Friday 22nd September.

Claire Reid, Teacher and Charities and Community Outreach Coordinator at the School, said, “We are delighted to welcome the Singing Children of Africa to our school as part of their UK tour to raise funds for Educate the Kids. We look forward to experiencing the cultures of their country whilst supporting such a worthwhile cause.”

Tickets for the Dundee concerts are now available :

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