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Wednesday 28th June 2017
Google collection of Buzzwords illustrated

Gaberlunzie has always loved the Houston PR poll into the top ten most annoying and irritating  PR jargon.

Across the UK and US journalists have revealed in the top ten most annoying pieces of jargon emails and press releases from are “reaching out” and “growth-hacking”  For three years, Houston PR has asked correspondents and editors in the UK and the US to identify words and phrases that annoy them the most once every quarter.

With some responses going into Houston’s How NOT To Guide to PR and some going into   PRBuzzsaw.com, the agency’s automated ‘jargon removal tool’, Houston founder Hamish Thompson collated a list of the most frequent answers received over the past three years and sent it to UK and US journalists last week as he asked them to vote for the worst.

The Houston PR list of the ten most annoying pieces of From most irritating to slightly less so):

  • Reach out
  • Growth hacking
  • Onboarding
  • Curate
  • Circle back
  • Synergy
  • Empower
  • Solutions
  • De-layer
  • Ecosystem

Just outside the top ten were ‘bandwidth’, ‘robust’ and ‘evangelist’.
His top tip for PRs is “If you are writing to a correspondent or editor, announce that you are ‘reaching out’ is at your peril!” Thompson warns.
Alas, Gaberlunzie just tends to get a fit of the giggles!

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