Women manufacturers, cave engravings and music gloves

Friday 21st October 2016
Celebrating manufacture

Browsing through the manufacturers top 100 companies, Gaberlunzie was delighted to discover that its not just a man’s game and
in fact there are 12 fabulous women who rank among the top 50 manufacturers with a further 5 appearing in the second 50.

Net result 17 women working in manufacture. He hopes they get a section all to themselves because the range of talent is from silver smith to sector lead for automotive, Manufacturing Advisory Service,  
Go see the wonderful list ! Idly looking at art galleries he wonders how women number against men and which of them  would be the creators of the wonderful cave engravings representing horses and goats,  that have been found in the Armintxe cave in the Basque village of Lekeitio.

And as for music if you missed out on the musical gloves story
your are urged to go and visit with Imogen Heap who invites you into her house so you pin back your ears and also can really see how it all works and what amazing fun it must be for musicians.

 Her Mi.Mu gloves are a “cutting edge experimental gestural music ware”. According to the artist, they use “unique gestural vocabulary, motion data-capture systems, and user interfaces to parameter functions” and have been developed by Imogen Heap and her team.


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