Wolfson founder among Elonics stakeholders

Friday 27th June 2008
DavidSrodzinski. Courtesy: http://www.innovationcentre.org

David Milne, founder of Wolfson Microelectronics has a stake in Scottish semi-conductor firm Elonics and is part of a group of investors including Brian Souter and Sir Tom Farmer, as well as Braveheart, and Scottish Venture Fund which have put $1m in the Livingston firm, founded in 2003.

Elonics has designed a silicon radio frequency tuner which can be used to convert signals into sounds and pictures and is being targeted at the portable television and mobile phone market.  The first product family is the E4000 series of silicon tuner solutions targeted at the reception of multi-standard digital TV and radio including DVB-T, ISDB-T, T-DMB, DVB-H, ISDB-H, DMB-T, DAB and FM radio.

In April the company said its first mixed-signal radio frequency (RF) product was using  IBM’s advanced 90nm complementary metal–oxide– semiconductor (CMOS) process, a major milestone on Elonics’ path to the commercialisation of its standard RF products business.

David Srodzinski, CEO and founder of Elonics said the move to 90nm is another step in a strategy to ensure that Elonics can leverage the intrinsic advantages that come from using the large volume of wafers processed in CMOS  which "allows us to take advantage of the economies of scale, which combined with good yield, fast cycle-time and high quality, provide palpable benefits to our customers."

Milne's comment in The Scotsman is "The world is going mobile and Elonics is very well positioned to take advantage of this trend." Elonics VP of marketing, Julian Hayes added: "We're in the consumer market, where there's no such thing as low volumes. The customers we talk to are producing things in hundreds of thousands if not millions. Clearly our expectation is this is a high-volume product, but only time will tell. The true test is a customer asking for that product to be shipped."

Webs: http://www.wolfsonmicro.com
Source: http://www.scotsman.com/

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