Update software for Adobe Reader and Acrobat vulnerability

Thursday 11th October 2007

Windows XP and Internet Explorer 7 Web browser vulnerable to version of Adobe Reader and Acrobat

29 October, 2007

Emails containing malicious PDF files are putting computers at risk, Finnish security software company F-Secure has warned. The malicious emails were spotted at the end of last week.

Chief research officer at F-Secure, Mikko Hypponen, said in a statement: "The emails sent in bulk looked like credit card statements, and contained an attachment called 'report.pdf'."

When such PDF files are viewed on vulnerable machines, they start downloading software from servers in Malaysia or Sweden, which are now being cleaned, he said. "There will be more such attacks," he added,

Hypponen said: "We are worried about this case, as PDF attachments are typically not filtered at email gateways."

A security update for Adobe Acrobat Reader, which opens PDF files, was made available a few days ago but many users have not updated the program yet, Hypponen added.

Web: www.f-secure.com/f-secure/
Source: http://computerworld.com


11 October,  2007

According to Reuters, Adobe has posted a notice on its Web site that says it has unknowingly incorporated vulnerabilities into versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat software that could allow malicious programs to get on to the PC without the user's knowledge.

Malicious software can take control of a machine, steal confidential data, send out tens of thousands of spam e-mails, or infiltrate corporate and government computer systems.

Adobe said it believes the flaws only affect computers running Microsoft Corp's  Windows XP operating system and Internet Explorer 7 Web browser. Adobe said it was working to rectify the problem but the fix might not be available until the end of October.


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