Understandable hanger

Thursday 17th November 2016
Wrathy hangry baby mocking bird

Gaberlunzie who has been researching how to buy and sell websites (anyone out there that is clued up should email us!!) is simply amazed at the differentials in prices - variants on a whole host of considerations, and it was with some hoped for relief that he turned his attention to the Oxford Dictionaries’ wonderful “word of the year.” 

Alas, alack, well he supposes how ever could you top 2015’s “ hangry’ as a descriptor for hungry anger!!? Alas, rather like the emergence of Brexit 2016,   Oxford Dictionary’s  chosen option is the emergent vote-caller, distasteful “Post-truth” that by sheer force of numbers probably has been named as Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year, after it spiked in use post- Brexit voting and with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Hungry is sweetly understandable, alas post-truth is simply an embarrassing human condition!

Mocking bird chick courtesy  Versus  Post Truth 

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