UK 2011 £1.2bn pirated software

Wednesday 16th May 2012
Courtesy: BSA Global

This year's BSA Global Software Piracy Study marks the first time a large sample of computer users around the world have been asked directly, "How often do you acquire pirated software or software that is not fully licensed?" The answers people have given to that and other questions reveal sharp divides between the habits and outlooks of computer users in emerging and developed markets.

Those differences help explain why the global piracy rate hovered at 42% in 2011 while a steadilyexpanding marketplace in the developing world drove the commercial value of software theft to $63.4bn

Julian Swan, director of compliance market for BSA EMA says as the UK enters double dip recession it is important to protect creative industry's IP and vital to the economy. And he ads that software should be the thing businesses invest in, not scrimp and steal..

So irate are BSA about Global Software Piracy Study that they seem to have put a cunning lock on their press releases, so it is impossible to download the UK version. However it can be read at portalbasaorg and the organisation is calling for stronger damages law as the value of PC software thefts in the UK total £1.2bn in 2011 with more than 27% of computer users admitting that they have acquired pirated software.

Apparently 77% of users do not think the risk of being caught is a sufficient deterrent to piracy and as the device manufacturers crank up their newest version of OS and as new version software emerges tediously that does not retrofit to older systems, piracy seems bound to increase..

BSA says that the software pirates of the UK are 28% under 34 and 79% are male.


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