Topspin: TopOption or TorOption?

Monday 28th November 2016
TopTor approach

Do you want to be the top or the bull? Well, both options are open to you discovers Gaberlunzie, who tired of the weekly lottery ticket, thought his gelt might be better spent on acquiring stocks and shares. Next came learning who was in the market and how exactly these bulls and bears worked. 

Accordingly he browsed and fell over TorOption - lovely bullish illustrations.  He paid his deposit and wasted the rest of the day sending passport, bill and card photos to prove that Gaberlunzie, apart from being alive is paper- proofed as well!! But come the day to log in and try,  this was more of a problem in his case, as being both forgetful and a tad dyslexic, he tried mistakenly to log into Topoption! 

What a battle!! But all was revealed when he did finally connect with a patient Topoption spokesperson,  who said that in all likelihoods Gaberlunzie did not have an account with them, so should probably try to find his account with "that newcomer upstart," Toroption.

Ah, the plot unrolls.  Topoption has been based in Scotland since 2012 and the bullish Toroption only opening its doors in 2015!

Hong Kong journalist Wayne Takamoto (right)  working for a leading financial magazine,  gave  the Top Option share trading platform (opened in Glasgow in 2015) a top VG review  as living up to its name,  Headquarters are Nicosia, Cyprus based and it is among  the recommended brands in the binary options market.

Review advantages listed are minimum initial deposit and trade sizes advantageously lower than  industry standard requirements. Insurance Added benefit insurance coverage and  very diverse asset choices. When proceeding to invest online stay alert for distinct factors. Some binary options brokers starting as legit have services that can decline on quality with the passage of time. 

Then there is the smaller, humble beginnings platform that also manages to meet customer needs.  Fine example of a trading platform is online brokerage TorOption. It  only began operating more than a year ago with a slow, but steady start,  managing to pick up and improve its client services. This binary options platform is registered as Smart Choice Zone LP, 272 Bath Street Glasgow, G2 4JR, Scotland. 

TorOptions broker may await CySec approval, but users’ feedback prove it legitimate. Few platforms is the comment that manage to achieve such a high success rate, largely due to the brokerage provision of excellent services. Customer support operates according to the schedules of different stock exchanges, and it has an expanded interactive learning centre.  Occasional contests also allow for 
prize-winning and awards are organised regularly. 


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