Tiree: environment fights array

Sunday 19th August 2012
The proposed Tiree Array

"We do not inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children" If the Scottish national bird, the golden eagle has helped Lewis not to be drowned under vasty wind turbine bladed towers, then basking sharks, micro climates, and neighbouring Coll's application for 'dark skies' status may yet save Tiree, while ForArgyll flings in the divergent wind subsidy regimes of Edinburgh and Westminster to keep the pot boiling

Now Tiree Array has now called up the maps on basking sharks showing Coll, Tiree and Skerryvore as where the sharks congregate.  It also demonstrates with night time visuals based on only 8kms from the 80 Walney offshore array at Barrow in NW England (below). where the proposed Argyll Array around so much of Tiree is intended to have 300-500 array,  just as Coll, across Gunna Sound from Tiree applies to be Scotland's first dark skies island (awarded by the International Darksky Association (IDA) so far to the Galloway Forest Park and the Sark channel island.) 

It can also point out that the large farm arrays do create microclimates and the impact of these affects the ocean ecology.

ForArgyll adds the contentious issue of the divergent wind subsidy regimes between Scotland and Westminster,  just to keep the pot boiling.

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