Thales acquires big data Guavus

Monday 1st May 2017
Pushing real-time big data analytics

As Google Nextgen plan TPUs and Groq, Thales makes its move with the acquisition of Guavus, pioneer in real-time big data analytics.

Thales has announced signing a definitive agreement to acquire the US company Guavus, a pioneer in real-time Big Data analytics.
The Guavus acquisition follows several acquisitions in the fields of connectivity, mobility and cyber security, and strengthens Thales's positioning in one of the key technologies at the heart of digital transformation, the processing and predictive analysis of “big data”, an increasingly critical factor in real-time decision-making. Guavus is a pioneer in real-time big data processing and analytics. The acquisition amount is up to US$215 million and Thales thus uniquely strengthens its high-tech portfolio to support its customers in their digital transformation.



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