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Tuesday 15th August 2017
Test management illustrated

Gaberlunzie has long had a toss-up as to whether letters didn’t get better responses for those seeking editorial coverage, as opposed to the launch of press releases into the ether of journalists, and trusting that these would make the publicity printed grade.

Accordingly, he has nagged his editor to consider letters, most recently one from  Alex Nordeen, Editor at  Guru99 where the  Goal is to provide Fun and Free Education for ALL!! Doing some research (see - nice and purposeful, not just gentle browsing!) Nordeen came across ComputeScotland pages and noticed a link there on bug cleaning  He wrote because he wants to highlight his own  Software Testing Tutorials that took 400+ hours to create with beautifully annotated screenshot, VIDEOS and claimed to be very comprehensive. The tutorials are designed by a Thought Works veteran and he has  personally edited them. 

The course covers:

  • Testing Fundamentals
  • Test Case Development
  • Testing Techniques
  • Test Management & Control
  • Huge List of different Types of Testing
  • Testing Certification Guide

LIVE PROJECTS  simulate corporate test environments for beginners.  Here is that  Link: 



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