Tayside takes on Inn Keeper

Thursday 14th August 2008
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Police turn ‘inn keeper' software’ to keep tabs on troublesome drinkers across the county. Tayside Police is to become the first force in Scotland to adopt an innovative computer system called ‘Inn Keeper’ to help tackle the problem of alcohol-fuelled violence. Chief Inspector Lorna Robbie of Tayside Police explained: “The Innkeeper licensing system has allowed staff within Tayside Police to record information in a more systematic way, easing the retrieval of information in relation to all aspects of licensing.”

This means that as well as assisting police officers with new licensing applications from pubs, clubs and other businesses, ‘Inn Keeper’ will also help officers identify problem premises and patterns of disorder much more quickly.

All information related to more than 2000 licensed premises in the Tayside region – including incidents of alcohol-related violence and disorder, visits by police, and other breaches of licensing conditions – is recorded on ‘Inn Keeper’. The system goes live as the new Licensing (Scotland) Bill is phased in.

English forces also use the software
By July 2005 nearly half the police forces in England have now bought WPC Software Inn Keeper licensing software  updated to comply with new legislation. Inn Keeper provides licensing officers with tools to quickly and efficiently process licence applications and record details of alcohol-related crime and disorder.

Forces included  Norfolk, Humberside, Lincolnshire, West Mercia, Lancashire, Bedfordshire, and the Ealing, Sutton and Southwark areas of the Metropolitan Police increasing Inn Keeper clients then to nineteen. Customers that have recently purchased the licensing software have also chosen to implement its special intranet facility, giving force-wide access to all information held on Inn Keeper via the force intranet.

This means officers are better informed about details of particular premises at any time of day or night, which is particularly important given the new regime of flexible opening hours. They are also now able to view the operating schedule and premises plan at a click of a button thanks to WPC's Ferret document management system, which has been installed by most new Inn Keeper customers.

"Inn Keeper has become the licensing software of choice for police forces,” said Dan Sims, WPC's business development manager.


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