Take a break and a beach

Monday 30th May 2016
Sun and beautiful beaches http://www.skyscanner.net/news/inspiration/top-10-scottish-beaches/

Gaberlunzie had a sneaky suspicion that your May Day Holiday actually might not be the hottest in Scotland. You might even, like Gaberlunzie be stuck working. Ah, but he has found a web-site  that will allow your imagination to stroll in the sun, and see how deliciously lovely are 10 of these beaches of Scotland.   

Gaberlunzie suggests that just by browsing these lickable pictures, you can feel the sun on your back, the traffic noise, outside fades against the shrill of a gull, then becomes the subdued swish-swish of lapping sea on the the sands, or the silvery rustle of sea-shells slipping through your fingers.

He Truly hopes too, that you too have at least another two or three quiet, but quite beautiful Scottish beaches - all of your own, as Gaberlunzie definitely has,  and then he and you know the pleasure  close your eyes and being there easily!

Enjoy the sand in your socks tomorrow!

And if work-a-day Tuesday leaves you dissatisfied, Gaberlunize suggests that you take some time and go browsing the the National Records of Scotland and its amazing 1914-18 First World War and the Battle of Jutland with the most amazing photography.



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