Sweden's Graphensic

Thursday 8th March 2012
Courtesy: http://www.graphensic.com/about.html

Spinoff out from Linköping University in Sweden, Graphensic will be the first mainland Europe company to deliver graphene on silicon carbide (SiC) for electronic markets

Demand from research and other markets has now become sufficiently great for Graphensic, founded by (L2R photo courtesy Per Gustafsson) Tihomir Lakimov,  Rositza Yakimova, and Mikael Syväjärvi and set up as as part of the business incubator LEAD.

Graphensic AB High Temperature Graphene Process (HTGP) is a growth method producing epitaxial graphene on SiC where the higher temperatures provide better material uniformity.

At lower temperatures, sublimation is preferential to the notorious defects of SiC substrate; higher temperatures are beneficial for surface kinetics when the graphene layer is formed, since carbon atoms are given higher energy to move on the surface.

In bilayer or multilayer graphene, silicon is given energy to diffuse away from beneath the formed graphene layers, to create another layer.

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