Supermetrics aids Google disrupt BI market

Friday 8th September 2017
Supermetrics partners Google

Supermetrics announces a new product and is Google’s top partner for bringing marketing data into Google Data Studio, Google’s new business intelligence tool that challenges incumbent players in the BI market.

 Supermetrics has released connectors for Google Data Studio, Google’s new and highly expected business intelligence tool. These connectors enable Data Studio users to seamlessly fetch data from more than 20 marketing platforms, such as Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads, DoubleClick and Yahoo Gemini.

Google has been investing heavily on Data Studio, with the aim of disrupting the BI market and challenging existing players such as Microsoft, Qlik and Tableau. Supermetrics connectors play a crucial role in this revolution. They will make Data Studio truly powerful for marketing since most advertisers display on both Google and non-Google networks. Data Studio natively connects to only Google products such as AdWords, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Helsinki, Finland based Supermetrics is Google's top partner for developing Data Studio connectors. 23 out of 28 third party connectors launched in Google's Community Connector Gallery are from Supermetrics. 

Supermetrics’ Data Studio connectors were first introduced and promoted at the Google Analytics Summit last week, a private event for Google's premium partners. Since the launch on September 6, in just two days, Supermetrics for Data Studio has received a rapturous welcome from marketers around the world and a rapidly growing user base.

Supermetrics is the creator of the widely popular Supermetrics add-on for Google Sheets. The add-on was named the best Search Engine Marketing reporting tool at SMX East 2016. The company's mission is to bring data from various marketing platforms to wherever marketers want to use that data. Supermetrics is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.



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