Superbugs meets match in polymers

Saturday 28th October 2017
She Lam, PhD student at Univerisity of Melbourne

Superbugs, dubbed the “slow tsunami” may have met itheir match, thanks to the work of a 26 year old PhD student, She Lam at the University of Melbourne, and reports the development of ideapod.

Avoiding the search for antibiotics to kill superbug, Lam has developed a much more direct and  aggressive approach by developing an ideapod that can kill six different superbug strains by simply ripping apart their cell walls.  This sldo puts stress on the bacteria and causes it to starts to commit suicide.

The star shaped molecules have some 16 or 32 arms made from peptide polymers. Unleashed the polymers attack superbugs directly without creating the toxic swamp of antibiotics,  which can also often destroy nearby healthy cells.

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