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Sunday 20th May 2012
Canna Cross: Courtesy:

Gaberlunzie does love the idea of Roman curse stones, and feels in another Roman style life, a career as a curse writer would have been very rewarding. Naturally, however when he is presented by the bullaun stone, his first thought is it is a stone USB for communication of prayers and curses!

The antiqiue stone thought to have been used for Christian prayers or curses has been uncovered ontheisland of Canna in the Inner hebrides. It is Scotland's first know example of a bullaun stone.

Around 800AD dating, these stones are associated with early Christian crosses like the one on Canna, and Ireland has several well-known examples in Ireland.

The stone is aboubt 10 inches in diameter, engraved with an early Christian cross and fits exactly into a worn hole in a large rectangular stone at base of the Canna cross.

Dr Katherine Forsyth, an expert in the history and culture of the Celtic-speaking peoples in the first millennium AD based at the University of Glasgow said the "find provides important new insight into religious art and practice in early Scotland and demonstrates just how much there is still to be discovered."

The Island of Canna i has been inhabited for thousands of years. In the early-Christian period, it belonged to the monastery on Iona. There are a number of archaeological remains on the island dating from this period, including a series of highly decorated cross shafts and a hermitage site known as Sgur na Ban Naiomh.

Gaelic scholar, John Lorne Campbell (below)  gifted the island to National Trust for Scotland in 1981.

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