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Tuesday 14th November 2017
Spinning a fine line

John Betrow <> 17:32 (14 hours ago) to info, gillian, info, sales, info, monique, vpavarala, emailus, drosenfeld, editor, editorial, sales, editor, coordinator, advertising, parker, dkraemer, richard, lsand, info, leigh.schilling, cass, Trisha, elanajohnson, cheekywinx92
Hello, my name is John Betrow, I seek editors/webmasters for cooperation. I'm interested in paid placement of do follow-links for my clients' sites.
Our writers produce articles themselves, you can request articles on different topics. I’m looking forward to your reply. Have a nice day. The response from seven webmasters (90% webmistresses) was to be removed from the list. Only one declared an interest.

Sankara Subramanian 

17:39 (14 hours ago)
to John, info, gillian, info, sales, info, monique, vpavarala, emailus, drosenfeld, editor, editorial, sales, editor, coordinator, advertising, parker, dkraemer, richard, lsand, info, leigh.schilling, cass, Trisha, elanajohnson
How much are you looking to pay per post and will the content and linksbe travel related?
- Sankara
Founder of


Last word goes to Constantine Alexander 

07:41 (32 minutes ago)
to Dave, Nancy, Olivia, 2BoysOneGirl, Advertising, Amy_Sheridan, AnnaGCockerill., AskUs, BOOKNERISSA, Brittany, Chloe, Confessionsofa., Contact, Contact,
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Dear Spammer,
If you had bothered to read my blog, you would have discovered that I clearly state the fact that I do not accept payment for my posts and my blog is a private non profit venture. 
Please, remove my name and e-mail address from this and/or any other mailing lists immediately. Please, do not ever contact me again.
Thank you.
Best regards,
   Constantine Alexander












Monica Cassani 

17:40 (14 hours ago)
to Sankara, John, info, gillian, info, sales, info, monique, vpavarala, emailus, drosenfeld, editor, editorial, sales, editor, coordinator, advertising, parker, dkraemer, richard, lsand, info, leigh.schilling, cass, Trisha
please take me off this list immediately. 

Debbie Mc Loughlin 

17:44 (14 hours ago)
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