St David's Day and all that glorious glass

Friday 2nd March 2012
Courtesy: Google et al:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=fa8d429af11c5f0c&biw=1204&bih=588

Google celebrated St David's Day with the most charming red dragon lying on a carpet of flowers and admiring a solo daffodil. It is curious how one can see this is a Welsh dragon whereas Chinese dragons for example are equally is clearly Chinese!

Alerted some time ago by the fabulously informative ResearchBuzz and a wholepiece on the Stained Glass Windows of Wales database  Gaberlunzie had a delightful time.

He started with dragons, of course, and asked for dragons. Intriguingly  St Michael and St George emerge  (left)  with their respective red or green dragons firmly underfoot!

However asking for St David and dragons produces some amazing glass windows, like the Tree of Jesse  (right)  or Scenes from the Life of David but  none of the patron saint and the Welsh dragon.

Gaberlunzie then sneaked a query for daffodils which are just emerging now in the north and found to his delight (left) Valley with Cross and Daffodils

Of course he was then curious as to whether Scottish Glass gets the same sort of attention to find indeed that there's a website for  Scotland's Glass from 1610 to 2010.

Its a fantastic site. Quite impossible to join though, because theCaptcha just doesn't like dyslexics and 5 tries got Gaberlunzie nowhere.

But actually for all there's a bit of stained glass window on the site (right) there does not seem to hold any database of the treasure lurking in Scottish churches!

Great project just waiting for someone to create it?!! 

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