Scottish Water Business Stream tender for Edinburgh computer related management services

Tuesday 30th October 2007

This contract is for the hosting, supply, installation and maintenance of hardware, and related equipment and services to provide a new ICT infrastructure for Scottish Water Business Stream. Tenderers should be able to provide a fully managed infrastructure service. Tenderers will need to ensure they can comply with relevant standards (e.g. ISO 9000, TIA/EIA 942, and ISO 1400). Closing date is 26 November, 2007.

30 October, 2007

SWBS are currently located on its parent companies corporate network and need to migrate existing systems to and develop new systems on their own network, which should be hosted and managed by the successfull contractor. It has 150 users split over 3 sites.

Detail: hosting and ongoing support of all SWBS applications infrastructure; to establish and host a secure, fire rated computer room (Data Centre) which includes all the required power and environmental controls or supply a self contained racking system that does the same; network infrastructure equipment (switches, wireless network, firewall, and network circuits, telephony circuits, etc.); security and network management (LAN and WAN); implementing a central storage facility possible a SAN and building redundancy into the design of the solution; implementing a central backup facility; OS and database management; migrating the file and print network infrastructure from the existing parent companies corporate network; implementing an e-mail system, migrating the old e-mail accounts over and provide options for data archiving; providing a secure remote access solution for the end users; migrate all existing database applications and data to new servers; providing software/hardware solutions for spam, web monitoring, filtering, anti-virus, etc.; physical migration of equipment; creating a standard desktop for SWBS; providing the necessary software licenses; provide the necessary support; training end users

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