Scottish Government corporate website gets award

Monday 18th February 2008

Award category: 2) Central e-Government excellence: Take-up & usage growth - Sponsored by Atos Origin: Delivering high & growing take-up of an e-enabled service through effective service delivery & marketing. "The Scottish Government's main corporate website: - has consistently grown and expanded on an annual basis after it was revamped in 2001.

The design and navigation are the work principally of two Edinburgh based agencies, Civic UK and Whitespace. The e-mail newsletter application was built to specification by Storm ID, another Edinburgh agency. The Content Management System was developed in-house.

It was among the first Government site to make strategic use of multimedia technology providing rich and engaging content for all visitors.

It has developed a comprehensive system of news and topic-based e-mail newsletters that are specific to their own subscriber base, and text messaging has recently been added as an option in some areas. It was the first Government website to submit itself to independent audit."

"The latest audit figures (ABCe November 2006) show web traffic running at 3.9m page impression, or almost 500,000 unique users per month. The increase in unique users between 2005 and 2006 was 21.3 %, mirroring similar increases achieved on an annual basis since auditing was introduced.

2003 Unique Users 263,628 Page Views 2,555,628
2004 Unique Users 292,145 Page Views 3,066,295
2005 Unique Users 407,053 Page Views 3,765,658
2006 Unique Users 493,706 Page Views 3,929,497

Analysis of the figures shows that the number of unique users is now increasing at a faster rate than overall page impressions, implying that many more users are being attracted to the site.

Traffic generated from inside the Scottish Government's own network is excluded from all audited figures so the audience picture is made up purely of external users.

A first Users' Survey commissioned in 2003 asked about ease of use and usefulness of content. In both cases the satisfaction rating (very or fairly satisfied) was more than 80 per cent. When the Users' Survey was repeated in 2007 the satisfaction ratings were similarly in excess of 80 per cent.

The subscription base for e-mail newsletters has also grown significantly. More than 6,000 people now subscribe to a Daily Digest listing the day's main news, while more than 7,000 take the Weekly Round-Up which summarises the week's news."

Unsolicited testimonials
Malby Goodman H.M. Overseas Civil Service (retired) Comments: An excellent website thank you  Doug McVay Director of Research, Common Sense for Drug Policy

Editor, Drug War Facts. William, My pleasure. As long as I have the opportunity I also want to let you know I find the Scottish government website to be well-designed, clean, and easy to navigate. Keep up the good work. Thanks, Doug

Consultant Comments: The staff SEARCH under ""Contacts"" is a fantastic new facility! Much appreciated, both for its practicality and for the policy of openness it reflects.

Mrs K morrison Profession: housewife comments: very easy to use and comprehensible to someone out of daily computer use. much more user friendly than dfes or directgov. you can find what you want easily. thank you ps also everyone seems so much easier to access"


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