Scotland needs your software exports

Sunday 21st June 2009
Pakistan is sufficiently enthusiastic about its software potential to have set up its own Export Software Board Courtesy:

Despite Scottish software houses winning local contracts, some 40% of Scottish software companies are surviving on 80% of Scottish only sales, according to a recent survey, which obviously reveals that ICT companies are suffering reduced demand from the financial service sector. ScotlandIS has set up an Export Forum Group, which might even make Board status.

Accordingly says Scotland on Sunday software companies are being urged to take up business overseas and end their reliance on local markets. To help them, ScotlandIS, which represents companies involved in information and communication technologies (ICT), has set up the Export Forum Group to support members that want to expand outside Scotland but do not have the knowledge and expertise.

Polly Purvis, (right) executive director of ScotlandIS,  said: "The survey flagged that Scottish ICT companies are too reliant on the UK for business. To survive and grow, businesses need to break into new markets. Even though we are in the midst of a global recession, it's a great time to expand overseas. The weak pound means
that our services are more competitive, and many of the barriers to trading internationally have been removed."

The Export Forum Group will bring together Scottish software companies that have conquered overseas markets to share their knowledge and expertise with firms hoping to break into those countries.

Purvis said that newer international markets, such as the Middle East, China and India, are expected to recover faster than others from the global downturn. Together with traditional export markets, such as the US and Europe, she said emerging economies offer real potential for growth-minded Scottish companies. She added that increasing international sales will equip businesses to better weather any economic storm in the future.

If Scottish software companies can respond so enthusiastically to the NHS locally, they should flocking to join the Export Forum Group.


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