Scotland CDO: June 16

Saturday 28th May 2016

Eight Scottish councils (Clackmannanshire, Edinburgh Inverclyde, Moray, Orkney, Perth & Kinross, Scottish Borders and Shetland Islands) have still to sign up to a collaborative strategy that brings together Scotland's government digital services and other key stakeholders to reform IT services. Some 26 out of Scotland's 32 elected local councils have signed the joint strategy for supporting digital service transformation led by a single CDO (chief digital officer) currently being recruited.

Rather than wait for all the authorities to  come on board,  the DTP (Digital Transformation Partnership) spokesperson said  the initial aims of the plan would be around an organisation and setting out more standard approaches across local government in Scotland.

Where a recent CDO job (now closed) for Social Security offered circa £80k , the proposed new CDO charged with communicating key transformation aims and supporting  the implementation of strategy within each individual council's business plans has a "negotiable  salary"  expected to be upward of £100,000. 

The  specification anticipates the salary and package for this role as negotiable and commensurate with a senior executive appointment in the region of £100,000  with secondments and other employment arrangements being offered. The CDO will build a wider virtual team working with regional level collaborations as well as work well with such partners  as Scottish Government, Scotland Excel, SEEMiS, NHS NSS, Improvement Service and SOCITM.” 

Candidates have until June 16 to submit their applications.

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