Saving birds and song

Saturday 14th May 2016
What birds do you see?

Gaberlunzie is a great follower of Tweet of the Day on Radio 4, delighting in descriptions such as “newly washed sparrow,” though he does confess to drifting back to sleep in the early mornings!

However he was kept  awake and riveted by the recent Dawn Choruses from cities and woodlands which are Saving Songbirds with Science for the Dawn Chorus of Tomorrow.  Anyone with a tendresse for birds should definitely go to the International Dawn Chorus Day website for the sheer fluid silvery delightful of blue tit singing in the Muir of Ord, or a Sussex robin’s song.  And who could guess the thrush has more than a 100 phrases to his singing? Or ever forget the fluid spiral sound of the lark rising?A bird is described as a warm-blooded, egg-laying vertebrate animal, distinguished by the possession of feathers, wings, a beak, and typically by being able to fly. Gaberlunzie ponders if similar birds in different regions have different 'accent' songs, or if they keep the same pure notes? 

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