Rural English communities: remote Scottish ones

Wednesday 30th November 2011

Gaberlunzie went paddling through the Autumn Statement and found a whole host of interesting graphics, the one that most took his fancy being the one involving the European banks. He also found a whole Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) and supposes this is devolved so Scotland has its equivalent though its unclear if Scotland is included in the food stakes!

In England, the government will invest £100m from the RDPE to help small businesses improve theirskills, facilities and competitiveness. For rural tourism – the government will commit £25m to promote rural tourism, including a new £10m fund within the RDPE to develop rural tourism destinations. Hey, now is that an idea we could nick or adapt?!!

For Food and Drink – perhaps this includes Scotland too, it's not clear  - the government will launch a food and drink export action plan in January 2012, including

  • development of a cross-Government strategy on removing animal health trade barriers in key markets such as China and Russia;
  • regional road-shows for prospective exporters;
  • a food and drink business ambassador; and steps to reduce blockages to UK food exports.
  • in addition a summit will be held in March 2012 to boost innovation in small agri-food businesses.

Rural Community Renewable Energy Fund,
The government will launch a £15m Rural Community Renewable Energy Fund to help communities meet the upfront cost of developing renewable projects.

Rural employment – The Forestry Commission England, working with private companies, will offer 45 training opportunities for new forestry apprentices.

Interesting stuff.

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