Robert Piller stops emailing CATES

Friday 22nd September 2017
Internet email bans CATES report !!

AN IMPORTANT NOTICE. How the internet can be "controlled" and detered so facts no longer preceed fiction. It appears that the CATES reports from Robert Piller are being disrupted, initially by an email alert saying the site was "dodgy" But now it seems his site keeps closing down and he has to keep trying to open it up. The solution for those who want to keep alert on wild-life survival are going to have to link to Piller's mail box at

"This" he writes "may well be the LAST news report we will be sending out. For some time now the email providers have not liked us sending out bulk emails and whenever we do, it seems triggers off a spam indicator to them and this then blocks our account. We then have to phone through each and every time for them to put us back on-line. 

"Am I supposed to sit here and send out each email one at a time?" he queries.  "Well, clearly this isn't going to happen. I have over 200,000 emails to deliver every month and it's just not working any more. I've looked for other services,  but they all seem to be the same, they don't like you sending emails with your email account. I suffered an albeit mild stroke earlier this year and I frankly just don't need this harassment.

For an eye-opening graphic go and look at the following Google link and see the amazing living world of Robert Piller!




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