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Thursday 1st March 2018
TechEx Blueprint for growing R&D

Something for all industry sectors to brood upon is the TechEx “Blue Print“ approach to its offshore oil and gas pipeline business, where the TechEx founding has been shrewdly based on partnerships with emerging technology companies. It is doing this with a new and three dimensional approach, that challenges the way that intellectual property (IP) is used to move and manage through its digital video broadcasting.

The Scottish Aberdeen-based Oil & Gas Technology Centre  is sufficiently impressed to have some £30m invested  for 10 final trips to offshore pipelines and there are 5 distinct themes: 




*small fires

*asset integrity

“We want to treat our customers as long term partners,” says MD David Millar, who started his interesting project in June. “Our value is created through our very real understanding of the offshore complex problems, and the application of our competences and technology to address these.  We are focused on the convergence of DVB, Video Compression and IP. And” he adds with a laugh, “We are extremely selective about the technology companies with whom  we work. The TechEx Centre as a whole is  not just located in one place, but is split among different parts of the world “As this allows beneficial access to markets, and private organisations.”  notes Miller who points out that other world organisations with other regimes, have not got the UK type for funding.  “The Scottish  Blueprint is not the regional spread entry deal. Government holds meetings for Aberdeen deals and has organised a teaching  centre  of some 180 people and with 230 speed-up-skilling-height engineers 

A family man, Miller with a bright 2-year-old to keep him alert, has this early stage approach that has been developed for the yawning gap in the new, and madly busy oil & gas restructures that are underway. Early stage trials or just R&D, but not start-up scale-up, teaches a programme that fills in overlooked gaps,  and by looking at a complete eco-system, can then prepare the actual venture programs.   Anyone interested in developing their potential R&D should be booking their place for July’s  Imperial College, London  Workshop on The 3-4 big challenges.

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