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Tuesday 13th December 2011

For the second consecutive year 3 has rated as best mobile broadband provider by UK consumer website Broadband Expert taking the top prize in its annual mobile broadband awards.The comparison site Broadband Expert based the winners of the speed and satisfaction categories on data collected from 32,574 mobile broadband dongle users, who ran a speed test on the site and rated their provider during 2011.

However, Gaberlunzie trying to find out how to activate a gifted  3 Dongle at the 3 Shop in Edinburgh was met with the news that 3 do not sell these any longer and could not help him!

Broadband Expert also selected winners in the value for money and coverage categories based on its own testing and feedback from consumers. It gave 3 the customer satisfaction award. 

Well for Gaberlunzie's money trying to get a small sim card on a busy Princess Street, the award goes to Vodaphone. Both 3 and BT had queues of people all presumably buying phones which are much better value than a simm card.

3 tops the league table in terms of customer satisfaction with its customers giving an average rating of 73/100 and beats O2 with a customer rating of 65/100. The results saw marginal difference between the runner up and poorest performer in this category – Orange - whose customers put them at the bottom of the scoreboard with a rating of 59/100.

In the speed stakes, prize winner was O2 with an impressive average download speed of 2.88Mbps. Previous winners Vodafone slip to third place in the speed rankings whilst Orange is narrowly behind T-Mobile as the slowest mobile broadband provider.

Broadband Expert spokesperson Rob Webber commented that “whilst there is a clear disparity between average speeds it is encouraging to see that all providers now average around or above the 2Mbps mark.”

Broadband Expert has awarded 3 with the best value for money award. 3 represent good value for money for those happy to commit to an 18 month contract with their aggressively priced £7.87 per month offer and have competitive deals on mobile broadband contracts with ‘free’ laptops.

But based on feedback received over the past 11 months, customer reviews and Broadband Expert’s own testing of dongles from the major networks, Vodafone is deemed to have the most consistent mobile broadband coverage throughout the UK.

Webber says: “Networks have different levels of coverage dependent on where you are in the UK. It is advised that consumers use a coverage checker before deciding on a provider as the best network in one area could have the poorest coverage in another area.” 

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