Pure biodiesel with no waste streams

Saturday 10th October 2009
Heterogenous catalysis. Courtesy:http://www.yellowdiesel.com/technology.htm

Yellow Diesel BV succeeded in producing high-quality biodiesel in a continuous fixed-bed micro plant based on heterogeneous catalysis. This process gives pure biodiesel plus a cosmetics/ food grade glycerol, with practically no waste streams. The biodiesel specifications are higher than those required by the European norm EN14214.

Back in February the University of Amsterdam, Solarix BV, and Yellow Diesel  received €1m subsidy for developing new biofuels from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, as part of the EOS KTO short term energy research program. The funding forms part of a €1.5m  R&D project for synthesizing and commercializing a new type of biodiesel.

A  collaboration between the Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry group of Prof. dr. G. Rothenberg at the UvA, Yellow Diesel BV, is a spin-off company of the UvA Holding BV, with the expert on chemical process design Dr. A.C. Dimian (right), and Solarix, a leading Dutch biodiesel company established by engineering Drs J H Hoitsma and  P van Zwol.

The Yellow Diesel process eliminates all the aqueous waste streams that stem from using the conventional homogeneous acid/base catalyst technology. Thanks to the new catalyst and integrated process design, the process saves up to 40% of the capital costs and 30% of the operating costs compared to conventional plant.

Yellow Diesel has produced the biodiesel in its continuous micro plant, and is now scaling up the process to pilot-scale.

This process can be adjusted to various types of feedstock, including low-quality oils, waste oils and fats.

The  sample (left) shows quality specifications of the biodiesel made from industrial-grade rapeseed oil, as determined by the independent NofaLab.


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