Polly Purvis awarded OBE

Monday 19th June 2017
Polly Purvis

When Polly Purvis learned she had been awarded the OBE "The Scotsman" reported that she expressed surprise at the award. What was really surprising is that it has taken the "powers that be" such an achingly long time to realise Purvis' worth and work of this outstanding role model within the IT environment.

Purvis defined ScolandIS as the traded body for the digital technologies industry that networks and represents software, telecoms and IT services, businesses and digital agencies.  Members range from the Oracle, BT, Cisco and Microsoft to locally based companies as Skyscanner .

"We’re the trade body for the digital technologies industry, we network and represent software, telecoms, and IT services businesses and digital agencies. Our members range from large multinational companies like Oracle, BT, Cisco and Microsoft to locally based companies such as Skyscanner, Axios, KAL & Craneware, and a wealth of smaller businesses and start-ups.  

What do you believe makes a great leader? Having a clear vision, supporting and developing your team, resilience, and attention to detail.  

What has been your biggest challenge in your current position?  Building a partnership to tackle the skills challenges our industry faces. It has taken time, persuasion and diplomacy but we are now seeing the positive benefits from that as delivery is now underway for Scotland’s ICT & Digital Technologies Skills Investment Plan.

Purvis also chairs digital skills academy CodeClan, which opened its doors in 2015. Purvis said: “There are countless opportunities in the digital economy – from fintech to smart cities technology – but Scotland needs to have the skills in place to capitalise on them.

“CodeClan may be a young organisation but its early success and the many students who have been snapped up by employers show the value of new approaches to skills education.” Scottish secretary David Mundell said: “In the centenary year of the Order of the British Empire, the Queen’s birthday honours have recognised the achievements of a diverse and inspiring number of our fellow Scots. I congratulate each and every one of them.”

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