Poland now home to 40 R&D centres for automation and electronics

Tuesday 8th April 2008
WABCO facility in Wroclaw: courtesy:www.paiz.gov.pl

A Frost & Sullivan Country Industry Forecast titled Economic Analysis of the Polish Automation and Electronics Industry finds that while the production base of electronic components and semiconductors sectors continues to shift from the developing countries of North America and Europe to the emerging markets of the Asia Pacific and the Latin American region, Poland has emerged as the R&D centre of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

The automation and electronics (A&E) is one of the leading manufacturing sectors in all industrialised and newly industrialising countries of the world. Due to its pervasive applicability, the industry is strongly linked to macroeconomic conditions and is also considered a leading indicator of the health of an economy.

Poland has the highest population amongst the eastern European countries and several multinational corporations  have chosen Poland as a location for their R&D centres. In addition to the availability of highly qualified labour force, the presence of universities and favourable Government support, Poland is the biggest market in central Europe and possibly has the lowest labour costs on the continent. There are 40 R&D centres belonging to foreign investors in Poland, employing over 4,500 people with the biggest  centres are located in Warsaw, Cracow and Wroclaw.

Production facilities are minimal, most top multinationals in the A&E industry have sales, marketing and support centres in Poland. The key presence of this industry in Poland, where it adds strategic value, is in the area of R&D. Poland has already emerged as the leading R&D centre in CEE and that several top corporations have chosen Poland as a location for their R&D centres. ABB, number one  in the automation industry,and Intel, leaders in semiconductors  have  Poland as an R&D hub.

Source: http://www.frost.com
Web: http://computescotland.com/478.php

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