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Tuesday 1st April 2014
Pilvi Cloud Composite, courtesy Google

Pilvi Cloud Company, a Finnish start-up opened at WorldHostingDays 2014 event in Germany, with its unique cloud services web store. The Pilvi Shop offers companies a user-friendly market place for buying and managing the numerous cloud services now on offer from Amazon, Google and a multiplicity of local cloud service providers. Users receive one invoice including all the services being used, managing cloud costs and risks efficiently.

Pilvi.com is a market place for purchasing cloud services either global or local and with scalable server capacity from leading service providers. Users can compare the prices and functionalities of different services including Amazon Web Services and Google Apps as well as those offered by local service providers. Companies can buy and manage all the required IT-solutions at Pilvi.com.

”Companies are facing severe challenges in buying and managing cloud services transparently and cost-efficiently," comments Pilvi’s founder and COO Lassi Virtanen. "Pilvi.com is just the kind of market place and platform companies need all over the world. The cloud service costs at Pilvi.com are no more than buying the service directly from the service provider.”  

”Pilvi.com is globally a unique cloud services web store offering a new user friendly platform for choosing and evaluating the most suitable service for the large and the small company. Our target is to become the ‘Hotels.com’ of cloud services”, he adds.      


At Pilvi.com users can evaluate the functionalities of leading services and share experiences with other users 24/7. The platform is designed for managing safe user control and service monitoring from one web user interface. Users can also buy service packages, including different cloud services. 

”Pilvi.com makes it easier to choose the right cloud service and have a real-time outlook on costs and functionalities of the services," says sales director, Antti Vehosmaa.  "Pilvi Manager offers tools for managing cloud services efficiently without risks. Even existing cloud services can be managed with Pilvi Manager.”

”Employees buy cloud services with credit cards and the companies have to pay lots of invoices. At Pilvi.com all the cloud services are centralised and billed in one place and the company receives only one invoice, so users can be sure that the cloud costs stay under control”, adds Vehosmaa. 

Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation funded the platform development.  

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