Petition: Be Thankful for the A83

Friday 23rd March 2012
Glen Croe viewed from the Rest and Be Thankful.The A83 and a parallel forestry road can be see.Courtesy,_viewed_from_Rest_and_Be_Thankful_(RLH)_2006-11-18.JPG

The A83, that fragile and beautifully located road to Rest and Be Thankful is subject of a petition to government for investment to provide a solution to the landslide history that regularly closes this arterial access trunk road into and through mainland Argyll.

The petition being formally delivered to the Scottish Parliament by the Argyll First group next Thursday, on behalf of the residents and businesses of Argyll and Bute.

Every group in Argyll and Bute Council,  says ForArgyll is behind this with complete solidarity for the need of action on this matter. A long history of landslides regularly closes this arterial access trunk road into and through mainland Argyll, and there is still no money allocated to the known gallery solution for the A83 in the plans for Scotland’s road improvements.

It will take every signature, every nanogram of pressure that can be collectively demonstrated in the volume of insistence that his road be put right. With only 10,000 and 12000 signatures on the petition, add yours now  and spread the word  for one determined recruiting push between now and Tuesday 27th March to get others to do the same.

Sign online here, now. 

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