Pelamis revamped

Wednesday 7th June 2017
The original Pelamis

Professor Stephen Salter (right) at the University of Edinburgh, pioneered the conversion of ocean surface waves to electricity. In 1974, Professor Salter's research on marine energy led to his invention of the "Nodding Duck" or the "Salter's Duck" which converts raw wave energy into usable electricity.

The device has a teardrop structure wherein the nose or the head of the machine is pointed towards the waves. Inside the Salter's duck is a set of pistons connected to a hydraulic motor. As a wave passes, the device captures about 90% of the wave's energy through its bobbing motion. The process triggers the pistons that pressurize the hydraulic oil which will then activate the hydraulic motor. The Edinburgh Wave Power Group has published several images and diagrams.

Sadly Pelamis was put into administration but now amazingly has re-emerged as IN DEPTH PELAMIS


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