Only three can win

Thursday 12th May 2011
Wave & tidal renewable and CCS Longannet are seven out of 12, but only three may win.

The UK is to put forward 12 projects for consideration by the European Investment Bank for its New Entrants Reserve, the €4.5bn fund for spending on C02 Capture & Storage (CCS) and “innovative renewable projects” (IRPs). There are seven CCS projects and five IRPs. Scotland has scores three out of the CCS and an awesome four out of five in renewable projects.

The FT's Energy Source blog reports:

The three CCS projects going on in Scotland are:


  • Peel Energy CCS Ltd: post-combustion amine capture on new supercritical coal-fired power station in Ayrshire
  • Scottish Power Generation Limited: post-combustion amine capture retrofitted to an existing subcritical coal-fired power station at Longannet.
  • SSE Generation Limited: post-combustion capture retrofitted to an existing CCGT power station at Peterhead.

The four renewable projects:

  • POWER (Pentland Orkney Wave Energy Resource) which will deploy Aquamarine Oyster and Pelamis wave energy converters off the Orkneys
  • Kyle Rhea Tidal Turbine Array which will deploy Marine Current Turbines “SeaGen” devices in Kyle Rhea, Islay.
  • MeyGen Tidal Stream Project which will deploy Atlantis Resources and Rolls Royce/Tidal Generation tidal turbines in the Pentland Firth Inner Sound
  • Scottish Power Renewables Sound of Islay Demonstration Tidal Array which will deploy Hammerfest Strom tidal turbines in the Sound of Islay

EIB can choose up to three of the 12 projects to fund.

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