'One for the aromatic road' bus stop

Wednesday 29th July 2009
Scenting the main regions

Gaberlunzie occasionally will browse the websites of his best loved malts as he recalls their scents quite clearly. So he was almost overcome with interest to see that a five-star Edinburgh visitor attraction, the Scotch Whisky Experience, has unveiled two new ‘push and sniff’ bus stops in the city centre.

The first of their kind to be seen and sniffed in Edinburgh, the posters aim to give commuters the chance to smell each of the four distinctive scents from Scotland’s main whisky regions by pushing colour coded pods. (There's lots more than four actually, but it would get confusing!)

Located at Princes Street outside Princes Mall and Leith Street underneath the St James centre, the bus stops reflect the sensory focus within the £3m new Scotch Whisky tour at the popular attraction.  The Lowland, Highland, Islay and Speyside regions are explored further in an interactive nosing and tasting session within the new tour, which encourages visitors to check out their preconceptions of Scotland’s national drink, be it blended or malt.
Immersing visitors in Scotch whisky past and present, the Scotch Whisky Experience tour  also incorporates a state-of-the-art barrel ride through the production processes, expert commentary and a visit to the record breaking World’s Largest Collection of Scotch Whiskies, comprising of almost 3,500 bottles. 
And don't forget to look into the wider map too!

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