Of Nomadic and Islamic art and Apps and sticks and things

Wednesday 14th March 2012
Courtesy: http://joshberer.wordpress.com/

Gaberlunzie got lost in nomadic art, which quite often needs absolutely no translation, and suddenly realised it doesn't matter if you are in New York or London or Paris, there it all is laid out on the web for your pleasure.

The British Museum in London offers the amazing Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca that is closing in mid April.It has such a great slant on nomadic art.

But if you can't be in London then try New York and the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University, which is hosting until June 3 Nomads and Networks

Nomads and Networks is the first U.S. exhibition providing a compressive and fascinating look at nomadic culture of the peoples of eastern Kazakhstan’s Altai and Tianshan regions from roughly the eighth to first centuries bce. With over 250 objects on loan from Kazakhstan’s four national museums this is also amazing.

Paris can't be faulted either and even offers  dialogue in English, German, Arabic and Turkish.
Hey Cereproc, just back from the Mobile Voice conferennce, have you tried the museums market yet?

And for a stunning museum complex, Gaberlunzie also fell over the breathtaking Qatar  Museum of Islamic Art in Doha. Wow!!

Alright, for those of your with noses to geographic work grindstones, pick up your mobiles and look at  Draw Something, apparently free for Apple and Android and with 1.2m downloads ten days after launch!  Alas Gaberlunzie still hasn't had a reply from Apple over  the account for his iPad, so he's going to have to Android it!

Perhaps he'll just stick with Episode 2 of Drawastickman and drawatree!! 

How difficult can that be compared to dragons, or does the dragon get in on the tree act as well?

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