Nuisance calls: defeat or immunity?

Wednesday 26th October 2016
Nuisance call reactions: courtesy Google search

Gaberlunzie (having endured 5 "nobody there" phone calls today) was puzzled to read a new release from "Which" This declares success!! Bosses will face £500,000 fine when their company is caught bombarding people with nuisance calls. That is going to be hard work on 'bona fide' market research companies. Yet the new rules will not stop rogue bosses side-stepping and dodging fines.

One route has always been by closing a business and re-establishing a new one. The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office)  will be able to issue a fine of up to £500,000 to the company and a further £500,000 fine to the people running it. The government has taken action against cold calling bosses because of our 'Calling time on Nuisance Calls' campaign. So it's thanks to you and over 460k supporters who signed the petition, who've helped us achieve this massive victory. This is a huge step forward in the fight against nuisance calls, but it isn't over yet. We want to know: Are you happy that rogue bosses could be faced with a £500,000 fine? Gaberlunzie reckons that such fines may be hard to levy accurately, that cold callers if located in Europe, would be outside the UK, and of course be immune!

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