NGenTec scores £2m investment

Friday 17th December 2010
Moving up from the 20kW prototype working in the laboratory at the University of Edinburgh and a 15kW prototype running on a wind turbine in the TUV NEL test site in the West of Scotland, next comes the 1MW model. Courtesy:

The Edinburgh University spinoff NGenTec has secured inward investment of £2m from Amsterdam based SET Venture Partners and Scottish Enterprise’s Scottish Co-investment Fund of £1m each to enable the company to design, manufacture and test its innovative generator technology for the multi-megawatt offshore wind turbine market. It comes on the heels of the £800,000 grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Environmental Transformation Fund.

While  preserving all the advantages which direct drive technology has over gear-boxes for use in offshore wind turbines, NGenTec has created a solution that is up to 50% lighter compared to existing direct-drive generators translating fully into lower costs for the construction of offshore direct drive wind turbines.

The key technological advantage is that NGenTec’s generator arrangement eliminates the undesirable magnetic forces between the moving and stationary parts, minimising the possibility of failure and reducing wind turbine downtime.

NGenTec was incorporated in 2009 and aims to become a lead UK supplier of generators and engineering services directly to wind turbine manufacturers. It expects to expand its workforce by 20 over the next two years.

The European Wind Energy Association forecasts that by 2020 there will be 7GW of new wind turbine installations annually, which would represent a market worth €8bn per year.

Chairman of NGenTec Ltd, (right) Derek Shepherd said: "This investment from SET and SCF.. is a major step forward... We are now in position to prove our novel generator technology. 

"This means we can move towards manufacturing our 
g enerators and taking them to market, where we are already finding a very receptive audience.”

The investment will allow the company to prove the novel generator technology at a 6MW scale in order to deliver the product to the global wind energy market by 2012. 

NGenTec intends to design, build and test 1MW generator that  stacked along the shaft of a wind turbine could  produce a 6MW generator.  NGenTec believes its generator technology is scalable to 6MW and beyond, without conventional generator technology limitations.

Wouter Jonk, (left) MD of SET Venture Partners and new board member of NGenTec Ltd said: “As an investor solely focussed on sustainable energy technologies we have looked at many initiatives in the offshore wind industry.

"NGenTec’s solution is really outstanding! We are confident that the true value of this innovation will be adopted by wind turbine manufacturers worldwide. ”

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