New database approaches

Friday 13th April 2012
Architecture and application in Big Data databases.

FileMaker Pro is targeting that covetable market of iPad and IPhone with its Filemaker 12; SAP owner of Sybase lets ERP emphasis lag in favour of database priorities while Delphix offers suport and extensions for Oracle.

FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced (left) is providing additional development and management tools claiming to make it amazingly easy for everyone to run iOS database apps The new 64-bit versions of FileMaker Server 12 and FileMaker 12 Server Advanced improve performance on wide area networks, enhance support for large databases, and add fast file and multimedia-content streaming.

"Databases only boost productivity if people genuinely enjoyusing them," said Ryan Rosenberg, (right) VP, marketing and services, FileMaker, Inc. "Everyone wants a great database, but not everyone is a great designer. Let FileMaker 12 handle the design and you'll create dazzling databases that are incredibly easy to use, on iPad, iPhone, desktop and the web."

SAP, HANA and Sybase

SAP while it owns the Sybase database portfolio, is now offering HANA, an
in-memory, massive parallel processing system targetted at Big Data. In a recent independent benchmark HANA handled a 100TB test database with 100bn records, achieving a 20x data compression level, no caching, indexing, or materialising of the query results, and with query responses were at 300- 500 millisecs.  

Some Oracle documentation boasting "lightning fast" processing of 100m records /1sec suggests HANA runs 1,000 times more data in less than a half the time of Oracle.

In a retail environment in Japan reports  IT World, one customer achieved 400,000 times performance improvement over its previous database environment. Adobe uses HANA to analyse customer data in real time and T-Mobile runs three HANA databases to analyse and reduce customer churn. It's stories like these that make HANA the fastest growing product in SAP history.

According to Gartner,  SAP puts  "extraordinary competitive pressure on mega vendors, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle" but that they are a long, long way behind."

And SAP has other conversion aids up its sleeve.  It intends to create a US$155m venture capital fund for startups that build applications on the HANA platform, with $337m spending on an incentive program  to lure customers to HANA.

It  is to  provide consulting services for new customers willing to move from "legacy" databases to HANA and SAP puts money where it's mouth is, being reported to be give HANA customers who have finished implementing the software "up to an 18-month exchange program out of their SAP HANA licenses to any other previously licensed SAP product if they are not satisfied."

SAP is also ensuring developers and admin of databases have access to the best training materials and development and test environments at no cost. "We need to build an environment where we can get a thousand flowers to bloom," says Steve Lucas, (right) executive VP of analytics, database & technology.

Sybase IQ, the columnar-store analytic database, will be link with HANA to act as a store for old/cold" data and share common capabilities and life-cycle management with HANA. Sybase SQL Anywhere mobile and embedded database will serve as a "front-end" data stores in the HANA platform. PowerDesigner modelling toolset  also has a role as well.

Finally SAP intends to create an integration (standard?) between HANA and other data sources, specifically named is Hadoop, the popular open-source processing framework.

Delphix enhanced Oracle

Delphix releases several key Oracle Exadata enhancements with its database virtualisation software for agile data management and in addition to supporting Exadata has also extended support for legacy versions of Oracle databases to help customers upgrade and migrate from old to new, reports  Data Center Journal.

The enhancements accelerates data migration into Exadata from multiple sources; synchronise with Exadata, enabling data backup, disaster recovery, data distribution for development, testing, or data marts, and integrating with traditional backup solutions for tape archival; and supports Oracle v9, v10 and 11 enabling Oracle customer to extend their initial investments.

Tempting to wonder if Delphix has a version 12 or even 14 up it's sleeve already.


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