NC500 and bird life

Saturday 2nd July 2016
North Coast 500

Gaberlunzie sees with interest that the classic Route 66 which encompasses a scenic  route through the Highlands, and currently dubbed Scotland’s answer to Route 66,  is to feature in the BBCTwo’s Top Gear on Sunday 3rd July.

Top legal firm, Burness Paull, are underlining a commitment to the Highlands by signing up as corporate sponsor of the NC500 (North Coast 500)  And further good news from the North  is that  at last Scottish gamekeepers  having taken  action to help threatened curlews,  are reporting a healthy number of sightings on moors across the country.
Wader conservation training, conscious moorland management and for once, favourable weather conditions this year, are all attributed to have played a part in helping safeguard, not only the ‘at-risk’ curlew, last year on the red list but also with kittiwakes, puffins and the (above) wrynecks

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