National Police Procurement Hub

Tuesday 24th July 2012

The National Police Procurement Hub, an electronic marketplace that provides the police service of England and Wales with the ability to buy goods and services from approved contracts, is due to be rolled out at the end of June.

It links purchase to payment, without having to use paper orders and invoices. Although some forces use an electronic process for part of the procurement process, there is no other system that allows forces to do the whole process of ordering, buying, invoicing and paying online.

This initiative is being delivered by the NPIA having been endorsed by ACPO, and is powered by technology provided by Procserve. The Police Procurement Hub will play a vital role in helping the police to become more efficient by collaborating on procurement across the police forces.

This initiative will help to deliver the necessary cuts in spending that the police service faces over the next five years.

The Hub will enable each force to buy from the best value centralised deals as well as from their regional and locally let supplier contracts. Roll out is due to be completed by the end of June 2012.

The Scottish Police Services Authority Procurement Portal is already live

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