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Tuesday 14th March 2017
Swissbit Flash: Industrial IOT applications

Swissbit, manufacturer of flash memory solutions, will be exhibit at embedded world 2017 (Nuremberg,14-16 March) Hall 1, booth 1-534) as an expert partner for Secure storage products for decentralised intelligence. For IoT (Industrial Internet of Things) projects. developers and manufacturers choose from optimised industrial flash memory products with applications relating to cyber physical systems, M2M Coms decentralised sensors, edge computing, and smart factory environments. Also on show, its manufacturing expertise and knowledge complex integrated systems,  SIP (system-in-package manufacturing capacities) and processing TSOP, BGA and bare die components.

" 'Things' in the Internet of Things (IoT), especially in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), are 'smart' and comprise of sensors and devices each equipped with their own decentralized intelligence. Consequently, the IIoT needs robust and durable memory for booting or data collection. At the same time, there is also a need to protect data and communication," explains Ulrich Brandt, Director of Marketing at Swissbit. "We offer suitable solutions as well as the manufacturing capacities for integrated multifunctional SiPs beyond the usual standards."

Data rates, endurance, security
Swissbit S-45 and S-45u are MLC SD and microSD cards, which are perfect for data logging applications thanks to their durabit™ firmware with high writing speeds. An even higher data rate and endurance can be achieved with the SLC versions of the card: S-450 and S-450u. These are ideal for video applications requiring a local recording due to redundancy or bandwidth availability. The security-versions of these products ensure highest data protection through encryption, and allow applications that safeguard data security and privacy laws. The Swissbit product portfolio of secure memory products also includes cards with a secure element, which ensure counterfeit-proof identification of network components in M2M communication.

Security features also ensure that an in-field firmware update is secured against the threat of malware. Feature upgrades in particular, or plugging security gaps, which in a decentralized network can only be managed remotely, have to be protected against unauthorized manipulation.

In the highly competitive IIoT market, protection against copying, reverse engineering or the activation of locked options is of utmost importance, to justify investments. Flexible administration for access control offered by the Swissbit-security-functions are the ideal solution.

Boot media

U-45 and U-450 are Swissbit’s robust embedded USB 2.0 boot media solutions for NetCom systems or data loggers. They combine the common USB-interface found in IIoT systems with a robust form factor. For higher data rates and faster booting, Swissbit U-500, an embedded USB 3.1 flash drive based on SLC-technology, is available.


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