MBTI ( Myers–Briggs Type Indicator)

Sunday 29th January 2017
Believing that MBTI was Mean-Time-Between-Incidents, Gaberlunzie is enlightened by an expert who hides behind dogs - a Gaberluzie habit!

Justin Berak is a Psychology/English undergraduate student who wants to counsel and write.  He offers as an opener his view on MBTI  or Myers–Briggs Type Indicator and which personality type is the best! With personality being Prime and First Ministers characteristic, this makes neat reading. Pininterest sourced the graphic

Please give details. Think in terms of the common phrase "lesser of two evils" to help you answer. Clearly there is no way of determining a perfect person however it can be possible (in opinion) to determine which is the least flawed.  Gaberlunzie recommends this  browse worthy blog about personality, one that's worth pondering.

INFJ - The Protector

ENFJ - The Giver

INFP - The Idealist

ENFP - The Inspirer

INTP - The Thinker

ENTP - The Visionary

INTJ - The Scientist

ENTJ - The Executive

ISFP - The Artist

ESFP - The Performer

ISTP - The Mechanic

ESTP - The Doer

ISFJ - The Nurturer

ESFJ - The Caregiver

ISTJ - The Duty Fulfiller

ESTJ - The Guardian

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