Many faceted Trump

Tuesday 20th June 2017
Trump: bot@trumpOfYore

Gaberlunzie is madly in love with NiemanLab Quartz newest boast with its bot:@trumpOfYore. In an effort to see if technology could automate the juxtapositions and possibly surface things humans can’t spot, the Bot Studio at Quartz recently created Trump of Yore, or a tool that automatically scans new Trump tweets to compare them to tweets in the President’s pre-inauguration 12,647-tweet archive, and posting the comparisons to Twitter.

Quartz points out that becoming president inevitably changes your perspective, yet Trump probably takes “the biscuit”  having flip-flopped on many issues. He praises what he used to criticize, but ignores things he had previously made it his mission to highlight. 

Found on his Twitter feed: where his past tweets at times, contradict his present ones so perfectly, that it’s funny as  for example, when he complained on November 10, 2017, that people were protesting his election: Follow Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump.

He then concluded, " Just had a very open and successful presidential election." Only to complain later "Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!"

2:19 AM - 11 Nov 2016


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