Mainframes out of step with data centres?

Monday 10th November 2008
HP Integrity NonStop NB50000c BladeSystem

More than 250 companies worldwide have migrated to HP Integrity systems from mainframes over the past two years, saving up to 70% in operational costs. According to Robert Frances Group, a leading provider of consulting and research, the capital savings range from $1.5m up to $23m, with up to an additional operational cost savings of more than $4m over four years. The study shows HP Integrity servers consumed 41% less energy and used 48% less space than the IBM z9 mainframes they replaced.

"Customers tell me they feel stuck paying a premium for their mainframe. HP has proven to hundreds of customers that we can unlock savings and provide a path to the future," said Martin Fink, senior VP and GM Business Critical Systems, HP. "By moving to HP Integrity systems, companies can realise efficiencies in time, energy and operating costs to achieve their business objectives."

To help customers transition from mainframe computing environments, HP offers a multiple programs and services portfolio:

  • HP Application Modernisation Services -- a comprehensive suite of services within the EDS portfolio that includes portfolio rationalisation, application assessment, modernisation implementation, custom application development, testing and management, and service-oriented architecture.
  • HP NonStop FREEdom incentive program -- provides qualified businesses an HP Integrity NonStop NB50000c BladeSystem at no charge, along with a full year of HP NonStop platform software.
  • HP Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Challenge - a web-based tool to calculate cost savings when migrating from mainframe environments to HP Integrity systems.
  • HP Financial Services offers a variety of leasing and financial services that can facilitate customers' migration to an HP Integrity system, independent of budget cycles.

Real customers, real results
Customers around the world who have migrated from mainframe environments verify the improved investment protection delivered by the open, modular HP Integrity systems.

San Francisco Bay Area's Bay Area Rapid Transit District
(BART) launched a business transformation initiative and migrated from a mainframe-based environment to HP Integrity servers running the HP-UX 11i operating system and Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise applications. The migration resulted in a 50% decrease in paycheck errors and saved $1.5m annually in mainframe license, lease, applications and maintenance costs.

Astellas Pharma Inc, a global pharmaceutical company, strengthened its IT infrastructure and reduced its total cost of ownership (TCO) with construction of a new sales support system infrastructure centred on the HP Integrity Superdome. The company realized a 50% reduction in system operating costs while also improving business efficiencies.

The Brazilian Navy migrated to an HP Integrity platform running Oracle to establish a more agile data center architecture that  better keeps pace with evolving business needs. They reduced their annual mainframe operating costs by approximately 80%.

WGV (Württembergische Gemeinde-Versicherungsverein AG), a regional all-line insurer based in Stuttgart, Germany, built its new business operations on an HP Integrity platform. With HP, WGV achieved the lowest technology cost base in the German insurance industry, realising a 311% ROI.


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