M Squared fit for quantum

Tuesday 7th March 2017

As IBM anounces its move into quantum computers, Glasgow- based laser technology M Squared has been carving out its niche to accomodate for the quantum computing boom. Where traditional laser companies are busy with vast materials processing and the manufacturing market for smartphones and computers, M Squared has focused on edge applications as medical research, chemical detection and the forthcoming boom in quantum computing, as IBM commits to that technology.

In 2014, according to data presented by Strategies Unlimited,  sales of laser components were $9.8 billion. The two major sectors, materials processing and communications were of approximately equal size and accounted for about 70% of the basic components market. The communications sector is composed of diode laser applications: quaternary-alloy InGaAsP for transmitter and SOA devices, and GaAs-based diode lasers for pumping optical fibre amplifiers

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