London Science Museum robotic must!

Thursday 9th February 2017
Evolution of robots is explored in the London Science Museum

London Science Museum robotic delights ranging from a  5th century Spanish clockwork monk that kisses his rosary and beats his breast in contrition, to a Japanese “childoid” newsreader, created in 2014 with lifelike facial expressions,  Arnold Schwarzenegger’s unstoppable Terminator cyborg and Robby the Robot, star of the 1956 film “Forbidden Planet,” representing the horror and the fantasy of robots with minds of their own.

The Japan Times  reviews these evolutions including examples of factory production-line machines which are blamed for taking people’s jobs, but could become wage-earners for humans who owned and programmed them.  In recent decades is a “telenoid communications android” for hugging during long-distance phone calls to ease loneliness not toe mention  Kaspar, a “minimally expressive social robot” built like a small boy,  and designed to help ease social interactions for children with autism.

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