Lies pondered on

Tuesday 24th January 2017
Gaberlunzie ponders a wallet of history and lies!

Gaberlunzie's editor has as usual charged off on some arcane research into how to sell a live, hightech website, leaving him wondering about his P45 and with a very dubious bag to investigate. He does have to admit lies have some very interesting not to say ingenuous and indigenious angles. Take the issue of LIES!! You can see where that's going when you consider the number of names the lie has quietly collected over time and has used for disguise!

  • When is a lie not a lie?                                                                                               
  • When it's a little white fib?
  • When it's just part of lies, damn lies and statistics?
  • Or when it gets trumped!?
  • Gaberlunzie ponders !


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