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Wednesday 26th March 2014
Figsharing for labfolder

Berlin-based labfolder, that linked up earlier in March with Elsevier's Mendeley, has now collaborated with figshare, a scientific repository and data publishing platform.

By integrating figshare in labfolder, scientific data can be archived and published directly from the digital lab notebook. The cooperation between labfolder and figshare facilitates the usage of new scientific publication formats, which include the communication of datasets for a better reproducibility in sciences.

Figshare  offers large amounts of secure private storage space and unlimited public space, detail metrics on publicly available data, the ability to push research to any internal repository, subject categorisation per department, collaborative spaces, allows users to create their own institutional repository, and all data is citable, visualisable, embeddable and trackable, usable securely by any number of users.

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